I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell (and I want to get better)

Appalachian Trail GoFundMe ageeksaga

For many years I’ve dreamed of attempting a long backpacking trip, and as luck would have it, I have the chance to do a 20-ish-day hike of a section of the Appalachian trail starting May 1st, 2017. My minimum goal is 200 miles, although I hope to hit 275 miles (the Long Trail in New England being 273, I would love to hike at least as far as that trail is long, even though I will be doing most of my hike in Virginia).

To be honest, I’ve never considered a GoFundMe campaign for myself before, but as it turns out, if I want to take this next step in my life – to make this attempt to better myself both physically and mentally, to experience something amazing that will fuel my writing for some time to come – I need money to make it happen. Sadly, as an independently contracted writer and entrepreneuer, money is one thing I don’t have much of right now.

So I am asking for the absolute minimum amount of money I will need to purchase necessary gear to hike. I already started a wishlist on Amazon (which I am constantly editing) and sadly even in the timespan of a week many of the items I wanted have already been marked unavailable. So while I will be saving up my pennies for the next several months, I really do need to purchase the gear I need to train myself for a long-distance trip like this sooner rather than later…hence this campaign.

What can you expect if you donate to my campaign? Well, at the end of it I will be writing a Thank You entry on my blog and listing anyone who is okay with it by name/nickname. I will also be using my blog to review the items I purchase, detail my training for the hike, and then to write about it when I return. My hope is to even gather enough experience to write a book/ebook about my trip.

The thing is though, this isn’t just about realizing a dream. Not that long ago (within the past couple of years) I was diagnosed with PTSD. I have since done everything from self-medicating to taking up to four prescription medications at a time to therapy…and I continue to do a lot of the above. So while this trip will surely be an adventure, and while it will definitely give me a lot to write about (which is exciting)…I’m also undertaking it for my mental health. I want to “get clean”, so to speak – to spend 20-ish days with nothing more than the food and water that’s necessary to keep me going. And yes, that will be part of what I write about, as well.

I honestly can’t express how grateful I will be for every penny that is donated to this campaign, and I’m also more than willing to take suggestions on what I can do for those of you who donate. You want me to take a picture of something specifically for you? Sure! Prefer a postcard or mailed thank you card during/after my hike? I will do everything in my power to make it happen! Because to be honest…I likely won’t be able to make this hike at all without this campaign. That said, if you would prefer to donate something you know I can use directly, or outright purchase an item off my wishlist to send to me, I’m more than happy with that as well! Shoot me an email if you’d prefer either of those options 🙂

Thank you in advance and with all my love,


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