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Who I am in Three Fictional Characters (Sort of)

So this “which three fictional characters represent you” meme has been going around for…oh, I don’t know, over a week now? I’ve participated on Facebook but also thought it would be fun to share my answers here! I had some thoughts as to who I was most like, fictional character wise, but I also asked my friends what they thought…


Now, my first reaction was Cersei Lannister and Starbuck, but I couldn’t come up with a third character. Then I realized that I was only including Cersei because I identify with minor parts of her character…and because I cosplay her a lot. Thankfully, my friends’ suggestions helped a lot, and even though I didn’t choose all of them, I wanted to share some of the comments:

My initial idea was ‘can we just squish Pearl and Cersei Lannister into one character? Cerarl? Persei?’ – Brian W

Part Lightning from Final Fantasy 13…mixed with some Rikku from Final fantasy 10 for the [light-heartedness] and kindness. – “Aussie” Scott

A Geek Saga 3 fictional characters

I do wish I knew more about Star Trek because my good friend “Admin Angel” from The Geekiary – said, “You are the Doctor McCoy to my Kirk. You help me keep my ship running and include plenty of sass along the way.” I mean, I know enough to get it, but I think I’d fully appreciate it if I knew more about Star Trek and these characters ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also thought I was more Garnet than Pearl. Yes I’ve grown to love Pearl a lot more in recent seasons of SU and certainly see some of myself in her – or some of her in myself, but at least one person agreed that I was more like Garnet. I will never argue with that. Garnet —>>>

However, my Hufflelove settled at least that argument with specifying that I’m Ruby, which I definitely agree with…

A Geek Saga 3 fictional characters

…and although I totally understand why he included Cersei and Penguin from Polar Bear’s Cafe, I still had to think about things (and get a few more suggestions) before deciding on my final three. Another cosplay buddy of mine suggested Lagertha from Vikings and Andrea from the Walking Dead *comics*. Lagertha because, in his words, I am “strong, able to overcome people that betray her trust, and love/loyalty for her family and friends”; Andrea because she “has dealt with loss and is still putting one foot in front of the other” ๐Ÿ™‚

A Geek Saga 3 fictional characters

So in the end, my friends all kind of played a part in who I eventually chose…which makes me feel better about how realistic these choices are, at least. Those being Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica), Ruby (Steven Universe), Lagertha (Vikings), and my own addition – an honorable mention to Eowyn (Lord of the Rings):

A Geek Saga 3 fictional characters

Now, we also had a discussion going in the Ice & Fire Con Facebook group about what three ASOIAF characters we would be. While I think I was Sansa once upon a time, and have probably been Cersei now and again as well, in this case the “honors” went to Oberyn Martell (because I am a Martell but too temperamental to be Doran), Daenerys (which is a bit of a “sigh, do I have to” for me, but I know it’s true), and Asha Greyjoy (Queensmoot FTW).

A Geek Saga ASOIAF 3 fictional characters

All images (c) the ASOIAF Wiki –

Who were your three fictional characters? Did you have any honorable mentions? Did you ask friends to help you identify them?


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Travel Tuesday: My Las Vegas Bucket List

Okay, I’ll admit it – most of this list is copied from my old blog. But hey, most of the pictures don’t show up there anymore, and on top of that, I have more Vegas trips under my belt…and another one coming up soon. So here’s my Vegas bucket list so far!

Also, I apologize for some minor formatting issues. Sometimes WordPress hates me ::sigh::


1) Stay up all night
This is one that I’ve actually accomplished several times over ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d say the most epic time, though, was in May 2011 – when I woke up at 9:30 AM and somehow stayed awake until my 2:30 PM flight the next day! Those last several hours were rough to say the least, but I made it! (That said, probably the second most epic all nighter was with my best friend Jenna, because we both caught flights on the east coast at like 6 AM and stayed up until 7:30 AM Vegas time the next day…and a lot of those wee hours of the morning were spent hanging out with a guy who just hangs out on the Strip playing the saxophone and hearing his crazy decades worth of Vegas stories.)

Las Vegas 2011

Las Vegas May 2011


2) See a show
Another one I’ve experienced more than once! I saw the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show, LOVE, and Peepshow back when Holly Madison was in it. Both were epic, though Peepshow was a lot more, you know, Vegas ๐Ÿ˜‰ However, they were trumped by Absinthe, which I saw on my New Year’s Vegas trip 2014-2015.

Las Vegas December 2010 Peepshow


3) Spend someone’s 21st birthday in Vegas
This was actually my second trip to Vegas – I took my baby sister there for her 21st! We were joined by our other sister Christy, our cousin Katie, and our good friend Lauren, and to this day it is still one of my favorite trips ever (yeah, not just one of my favorite VEGAS trips – one of my favorite trips EVER ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Las Vegas September 2008


4) Visit Vegas over Halloween
Some day…some day…


5) Visit the Hoover Dam
When I took my baby sister to Vegas for her 21st birthday, the Hoover Dam was the one thing we did to prove to my parents that we weren’t just in Vegas to party…haha.

Las Vegas September 2008 Hoover Dam


6) Get a tattoo
I finally accomplished this on my last trip to Vegas! My friend Natalie and I had quite the adventure finding a tattoo parlor that had been suggested to us and that turned out to no longer be open…but we tracked down one of the artists at another shop and I finally got my number 13 on the back of my neck ๐Ÿ˜‰

Las Vegas January 2015 Tattoo


7) Stay in a suite
This is another two-timer! Most recently we had a suite at the Mirage for my 30th birthday, but it was definitely most exciting the very first time ๐Ÿ˜‰ That said…I’ll be doing it all over again next month with some amazing friends, many of whom have never even been to Vegas, and I can’t wait!

Las Vegas September 2011

Las Vegas December 2012


8) Spend New Year’s Eve in Vegas
Thanks to my lovely friend Natalie (who convinced me to meet her, our other friend Natalie, and their friend Gabby in Vegas for New Year’s), I finally accomplished this over New Year’s Eve 2014-2015. I don’t think I’d do it again (it was a bit crazy even for me), but I did have an amazing time!

Las Vegas December 2014

Las Vegas December 2014 New Year's Eve


9) Visit Red Rock Canyon
Kind of a random decision, really – but another time where I thought, “I’ve seen so much of what Vegas has to offer, maybe I should get outside of the city and explore a little bit.” And what better time than during my 30th birthday trip? (Well, minus the fact that it was freezing cold that day…)

Las Vegas December 2012 Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas December 2012 Red Rock Canyon


10) Get a table/do bottle service at a club
This activity has become kind of a staple, because I’m old now (heh) and like to be able to, you know, sit down once in a while. Even when I’m out clubbing in Vegas ๐Ÿ˜‰ I got hooked on this the first time I did it, for sure.

Las Vegas September 2011 Body English VIP

Las Vegas September 2013 XS VIP


11) See a Vegas wedding
Okay, so *technically* it was a vow renewal, but since it was a full-blown Elvis-themed vow renewal at one of the infamous Vegas chapels, I’m counting it! I actually attended this just this past weekend – the cousins of my good friend Natalie did it – and it was hilarious and a blast and such a cool way for them to celebrate their 15th anniversary!

Las Vegas September 2013


12) Go to one of the big pool parties
So I had attended a sort of pool party at Bare at the Mirage many years ago – but I wanted to check out one of the named ones! Though we went on a Thursday and it wasn’t nearly as insane as it is on the weekends, we rented a bungalow at Wet Republic and it was amazing…and after my upcoming trip I’ll be able to say I did a cabana at The Linq pool party as well!

Las Vegas September 2013 Wet Republic

Las Vegas September 2013 Wet Republic


13) Spend MY birthday in Vegas!
In 2010 I went the week after my birthday, but in 2012 I planned a big 30th bday trip with some awesome friends. It was my best birthday ever and the perfect way to spend my 30th…I’d do a Vegas birthday again in a heartbeat, for myself or anyone else!

Las Vegas December 2012 30th Birthday


14) Rent/ride in a limo for no reason
Since I’ve visited Vegas with sizable groups of friends several times over the years, we’ve actually taken a lot of random rides in limos – often doing so ends up being the same price as (or cheaper than) taking a cab, when you’ve got 8 or more people and you’d have to split up anyway. But there was one time when five of us outright rented a limo for the evening kind of “just because” – visited the Vegas sign, and downtown Vegas, and then had it drop us off at Encore so we could go to XS for the night. Champagne was included (well, a bottle of it was) and it was a blast! (Not surprisingly.)

Las Vegas December 2010


15) Go on one of the helicopter rides/tours over the Strip


16) Get a picture with the Las Vegas sign
I’ve actually visited the Vegas sign twice, but honestly it’s hard to get a decent picture there! I hope to return to it on my next visit, for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

Las Vegas Sign September 2013


17) Two words: Champagne Brunch.
Seriously, if you’re in Vegas on a weekend there is no reason to NOT hit up one of these. They have them at most hotels, though some have better food (Mandalay Bay) and some have freer-flowing champagne (Planet Hollywood).

Las Vegas June 2010 Planet Hollywood Champagne Brunch

Las Vegas December 2010 Mirage Champagne Brunch

18) Visit Lake Mead
(Okay, *technically* I’ve done this, but I’m not really counting it as I just went to an overlook. One day, when I’m in Vegas and the weather is nice, I’d love to go out here and boat on the lake for a day!)


19)ย  Check out “Old Vegas”
I mean, why not? Cheap[er] drinking. Cheap[er] gambling. It’s kitschy and while you don’t need to spend a ton of time there, it’s fun!
ย Las Vegas 2007 Fremont Street


Las Vegas September 2008 Fremont Street


20) Play blackjack!
To me this is just the quintessential Vegas game – so again, this almost always happens when I visit. Sometimes I even win ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Okay, USUALLY I win if I’m at a table with the right people. If you’ve ever played Blackjack you know what I mean. I prefer Binion’s because hey, $5 buy in, but I’ve won the most money at Planet Hollywood. Twice.)
Las Vegas May 2011 Binion's


21) Introduce Vegas to someone who’s never been before.
Out of the 11 times I’ve been to Vegas, at least four of them, I got to show this ridiculous and amazing place to friends who’d never before visited, and honestly, that makes the experience even better than it already would have been ๐Ÿ™‚ (And since I’ve never had a bad trip to Vegas, that’s saying a lot!) As a special note, the following picture was taken on the last morning of my second Vegas trip, and I was the only one of the five of us who’d been there before…


Las Vegas September 2008


People who’ve thought/assumed that I was a prostitute. One time a guy who I thought I’d just been having a polite chat with asked me how much I went for (“$1,000 an hour?” Hey, I guess he aimed high?) and another time I was playing computer poker at a casino bar at 5 AM and this guy was offering to pay me more money than I care to mention to go back to his room with him. It got to the point where the bartender had to ask him to leave because my increasingly firm refusals weren’t making any difference. Oh, Vegas. (Also, if you want to know what one guy’s idea of a $1,000 an hour prostitute is, this is me the night I got that little “compliment” ::rolls eyes:: Oh and the person behind me is my friend, not the guy who thought I was a prostitute. Heh.)


Las Vegas December 2010


Like I said, I’ll probably add more to this list as I finish the last few goals that I have yet to accomplish…but these are my general suggestions for awesome things to do in Vegas. I could never live there, but obviously it’s one of my favorite places to visit…and I already can’t wait to go back!

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My Fifth Dragon Con (And the Best One Ever)

Dragon Con 2016 Thor Cosplay

I’ve had some good Dragon Cons, I’ve had some great Dragon Cons, and I’ve had some horrible Dragon Cons…but until this year, I’d never experienced a perfect Dragon Con.

More than anything else, this is because I have absolutely found MY PEOPLE. Throughout the past five years, I’ve made friends and lost friends (never by choice, mind you), and among all of that, I’ve grown closer to some people and pushed others away. I’m only human, after all.

But it was this year that I finally realized that I was surrounded by an absolutely amazing group of friends. Some were old, some were new. Some I saw every day, some I saw only twice. What mattered is that we were there, we hung out, and we had fun.

Thursday was my “no way am I going to cosplay” day, and yet we ended up with a roving group of Pokemon Go Team Valor members with a Pokestop and lure. We didn’t get a lot of pictures, but we did get a lot of shout outs…although it was hard to keep our mouths shut when people got insistent about being on Team Instinct or, more especially, Team Mystic ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dragon Con 2016 Pokemon Go Team Valor

Dragon Con 2016 Pokemon Go Team Valor

Dragon Con 2016 Pokemon Go Team Valor

Thursday night was Bunny Hutch, and the first time I’ve participated in the Playboy Bunny costume…thing. We had a group of Hunger Games characters, and though we never did find our Katniss, I had a blast as Bunny Hutch Effie Trinkett!

Dragon Con 2016 Bunny Hutch Effie Trinkett Hunger Games

Dragon Con 2016 Bunny Hutch Effie Trinkett Hunger Games

Dragon Con 2016 Bunny Hutch Effie Trinkett Hunger Games

Honestly, I expected Friday to be an easy day. It was the one day I wasn’t on any panels, and I was just wearing another Cersei cosplay…but I had more people take my picture than the previous two times I wore Cersei cosplays at Dragon Con. I have to be honest…I completely credit my awesome wig ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dragon Con 2016 Cersei Lannister Cosplay

Dragon Con 2016 Cersei Lannister Cosplay Iron Throne

Friday night was something of a mess, if only because Brian and I cosplayed Charlie and Dee from the “The Gang Beats Wade Boggs” episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Yes, we started with the tallies from the beginning of that episode, but thirteen beers later, it was obvious that I was doing my Dee Reynolds best to try to keep up.

Dragon Con 2016 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Cosplay The Gang Beats Boggs

Dragon Con 2016 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Beats Boggs Cosplay

Dragon Con 2016 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Cosplay The Gang Beats Boggs


Dragon Con 2016 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Cosplay The Gang Beats Boggs

Saturday was the day I finally debuted my original Disney Princess Kylo Ren at a convention. Thankfully, my lovely friend Tanya also made a Disney Princess Leia cosplay, and even though my gown was hot as hell and I was on a panel at 2:30 – meaning I couldn’t just hang out and get pictures taken of me all afternoon – I thoroughly enjoyed portraying this original character and can’t wait to do so again!

Dragon Con 2016 Disney Princess Kylo Ren Disney Princess Leia

My first panel was “Game of Thrones: Concepts of Honor” and despite some hiccups I really enjoyed most of my fellow panelists and the discussions that ensued. As soon as it was finished, I was ready to change out of the heavy, hot Disney Princess Kylo Ren cosplay I was sporting, and after a bit of rest Brian and I donned some silly Thor costumes, put together a bunch of signs, and lugged a trash bag full of mini Mjolnirs to the Westin in order to campaign against our friend Scott, who was cosplaying Loki…

Dragon Con 2016 Thor Campaign

Dragon Con 2016 Thor Campaign

Despite the fact that we never met up with Scott at the Heroes & Villains Ball at the Westin (we got in almost right away but alas, he arrived too late and got stuck in line), we did camp out at the Pulse bar in the Marriott and mock several other Lokis…and eventually Scott, as well, who was a very good sport and even had an “I โค TS” tank top under his Loki cosplay!

Saturday was supposed to be my “take it easy, go to bed at a decent time” night, but as Dragon Con would have it, that didn’t happen. This meant that getting up for my 11:30 AM panel on Sunday was a bit rough, but thankfully I rallied and that panel – “Netflix, Cable, and the Mainstream” – was my favorite of the three I was on that weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

When I finally got back to the room, it was time to get into cosplay. I was wearing a tuxedo and a borrowed wig as Pearl from Mr. Greg (thanks again to my friend Carly for lending me her wig!), so it wasn’t a time-consuming cosplay…I was just too lazy to get out ofย  bed and wear it to my panel.

Dragon Con 2016 Steven Universe Cosplay Pearl Mr. Greg

Honestly, I was again surprised at how many people loved my Pearl cosplay. I’m pretty tall, and not particularly slim (not like Pearl, I mean)…and although my friend Bekah did a great job with my makeup, I certainly didn’t go all out like some Pearl cosplayers did. I did, however, get to sing “It’s Over, Isn’t It” several times, which kind of made may day. (Someone even snapchatted me doing it. I wish I could have seen that…)

Also, I got to meet Will Friedle! He was very interested in my current state of affairs (it’s apparently a thing he does, asking what he calls ‘somewhat uncomfortable questions’) and it was overall a fun five minute conversation ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dragon Con 2016 Will Friedle

Sunday evening I was on another panel – the American Sci-Fi Fantasy Media track’s “The Expanse: Politics and Power” discussion. While I enjoyed the panel, I was previously unaware that The Expanse was based on books – completely my bad, but as someone who watched and loved and knew the show on its own, I suddenly understand how Game of Thrones fans feel when they go to a show panel and people can’t stop bringing up the novels.

I have to admit, that tuxedo ended up being very hot (not generally uncomfortable, just hot), and I was ready to change out of it and into my “Party Hufflepuff” outfit. At this point I was all play and no work, after all, and despite claiming yet again that I would go to bed at a decent time, of course that didn’t happen. This was, after all, the last night of Dragon Con.

Dragon Con 2016 Hufflepuff Cosplay

Dragon Con 2016 Hufflepuff Cosplay

Dragon Con 2016 Hufflepuff Cosplay

In fact, we had an afterparty in our hotel room, and not surprisingly, had security called on us. What can I say? I invited three friends, and each of those friends brought a half dozen or more people with them. I’m not going to say I regret it, though I do understand that at least one of our neighbors was pissed, and I am sorry for that.

We were up and out of the room on time Monday, though I’m seriously considering adding Monday night to our room reservation next year. I love the Hyatt, and I try to use the elevators as little as possible, but when it’s necessary – such as that one thing you can’t carry up or down the stairs during mass checkout time – man is it a pain in the ass. The best part was that we were still able to take our time visiting the vendor hall (finally, the first time I’d done so all weekend), eating a decent sit-down meal, and then still being able to get our car and get home by dinnertime. I even got to leave some Thor signs behind not far from where they were created…

Except for the fact that the Hyatt valet *lost* our car for a good thirty minutes. Don’t even get me started on that.

Were there some snags at Dragon Con 2016? Of course. I ran into one person i didn’t need to see far too many times. I missed a couple of panels because I couldn’t bring myself to walk all the way to the Sheraton to visit disability services (as press, I pick up my pass in the Hyatt). I absolutely ate pizza that was not fully cooked at one point (and that’s why that pizza place in the food court didn’t have a line; lesson learned).

Dragon Con 2016 Thor Cosplay

The thing is, I’ve finally found my Dragon Con niche. I enjoyed wandering through the Walk of Fame. I loved being able to participate in three panels. But above all, my friends made this Dragon Con great. I could never name them all, but they know who they are. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me how amazing and fun and drama-free people can be. Thank you for the cosplays, and the drinks. Thank you for the laid back hangouts, and the crazy nights. This Dragon Con was my best Dragon Con because of all of you.

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